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Hexahedron  v.1.0

A Java game engine based on the jMonkeyEngine graphics engine, built around maps consisting of only cubes (hexahedra). This will provide for simple but complete implementations of everything required for a game (lighting, physics, AI, level editing etc.)

3 level opengl chess game  v.1.0

The project is an opengl 3d (3 level) chess game with an ai that plays against the user. It is written is C++ and uses tcl/tk. All of the code is nearly platform independent.

AI Script Sysem  v.1.0

With this System, GD(Game Designers) can write commands to control NPC, GD can design NPS's AI easily as designing a game level.And GD can control the AI's flow.

ST AI Converter

ST AI Converter provides users with an effective

HDD Low Level Format Tool  v.4.25

HDD Low Level Format Tool is a utility for low-level hard disk drive formatting. Supported interfaces: S-ATA (SATA), IDE (E-IDE), SCSI, SAS, USB, FIREWIRE. Big drives (LBA-48) are supported. Supported Manufacturers: Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate,

Portable HDD Low Level Format Tool  v.4.25

Portable HDD Low Level Format Tool is a handy application designed to erase, low-level format and re-certify a SATA, IDE or SCSI hard disk drive with any size of up to 281 474 976 710 655 bytes. Will work with USB and FIREWIRE external drive

JQuery Multi Level Menu Style 11  v.1.0

Multi Level Menus with the unlimited number of submenu levels is a great way to place a lot of information on a page and has been widely used on blogs recently. With jQuery Multi Level Menu you can easily create great looking menu with cool effects

Lacelevel2 (Fragmentation level)  v.3.1

Periodically monitors fragmentation level of your local volumes (up to 80GB each - for free), so you can defrag before substantial system slowdown and crossing the point of hazardous fragmentation.

Alcohol level  v.1.0

Use this toolbar to learn more about alcohol consumption, alcohol level, alcohol treatment, alcohol recovery, alcohol rehab, alcohol detox, and the effects of abusive drinking, especially negative alcohol effects and how they destroy life and

2 level horizontal tab menu

A CSS based tab menu that supports a secondary level of menu items. Both levels are horizontal, so there no drop down menus that may become hidden underneath form elements in browsers such as

3 Balls Level Editor  v.1

3 Balls Level Editor 1 is a distinguished and easy to use tool which can help you use your creativity to design cool new levels for 3 Balls puzzle. Easy intuitive interface, Instant check of the existence of solution after each change, Save new level

AI Gac Extractor  v.1.1

AI Gac Extractor 1.1 offers a useful lightweight app for any developer wanting to copy assemblies from the .NET Global Assembly Cache. Using the tool, you can rip (extract) dll files from the GAC with minimal effort. Simply select the dll from the

AI Image Converter  v.1.1

AI Image Converter 1.1 makes it easy to convert and resize your images with minimal fuss. Select from a range of image formats and quickly create thumbnails for your websites, presentations or personal home albums. Whether you want to send reduced

AI Sharepoint Feature Explorer  v.1.1

AI Sharepoint Feature Explorer 1.1 offers a handy little tool for any SharePoint developer. Trying to manage Features on a SharePoint server can be a nightmare at the best of times. As a developer, you don't want to get bogged down using stsadm and

Math Games Level  v.1

Math Games Level 1 1 is a software guiding addition and multiplication with numbers from 1 to 12. It allows a student to select the values to calculate with the mouse. Then, he or she clicks on the Ask Me button and lets the robot do the calculation

Repair AI file Free  v.1.0

Adobe Illustrator is used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world - it is one of the most popular graphics packages on the market today. When an Adobe Illustrator file is damaged or corrupted, perhaps because of a hardware failure, or

SilverFast SE / Ai Scan-Software for Mac OS  v.6.6.2r2

Software for scanners, digital cameras, print and image processing brings the best out of all devices. LaserSoft Imaging offers individually adjusted solutions for hundreds of flatbed scanners, film scanners and digital cameras untapping the full

OOJNI for .NET2.0 (low-level)  v.3.00.17

Object-Oriented JNI for .NET (low-level), Library for .NET Framework v.2.0. Supports Standard JNI interface for developing and running code in C#, MCpp, VB, J#. The main features available: - JNI code can be written only in managed code; - supported

Object-Oriented JNI for .NET (low-level)  v.3.00.07

Object-Oriented JNI for .NET (low-level), Library for .NET Framework v.1.1. Supports Standard JNI interface (SUN/IBM/MS JDK1.1.x-1.6.x) for developing and running code in C#, MCpp, VB, J#.The main features available:- JNI code can be written only in

Math Games Level 1  v.1.0

Math Games Level 1 teaches addition and multiplication with numbers from 1 to 12. Using the mouse, a student can select the values to calculate. Then, he or she clicks on the "Ask Me" button and lets the robot do the calculation and report the

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